‘Chronicle 2’ moving ahead, but without screenwriter Max Landis




Now here’s some rather upsetting news, the sequel to Josh Trank’s awesome found footage super hero flick, Chronicle, is still moving ahead but sadly without screenwriter Max Landis. Landis wrote the screenplay for the first film, and while Trank was not going to return for the sequel, Landis has been writing a “much darker” script for the sequel.

Even after his father announced that Max was not involved with writing the sequel, Max assured fans back in April that he was writing the script for the sequel, and that he planned to take the story to much darker places.

Sadly, it sounds like Landis’ script was too dark for Fox, and he is off the sequel. Landis confirmed the news in a response to a Twitter fan. Here is what Landis said:

“I’ve been off Chronicle 2 for months now. Fox had a different direction they wanted to take the series, Josh was never attached. Ultimately, I’m just very grateful to Fox for making a film as close to my original script as Chronicle was. For making the film at all. So yeah it’s sad that as of right now I’m not involved in the sequel, and don’t know what it’s about even, but ultimately I can’t complain. The truth is, when you’re successful as a screenwriter, you have to just take everything in stride. That’s like more than half the job. Chronicle 2 is still probably happening, just not with my involvement as of now. It’s a bummer, but there are no real hard feelings. They hired new writers on it. I’m sure they’ll announce soon. Just hope this answers the questions I’ve been getting everyday”


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