Comic-Con: Gina Carano to fight monsters in ‘Avengelyne’ movie adaptation




Sexy MMA fighter Gina Carano is about to once again put her awesome fighting skills to good use, by starring in a movie adaptation of Comic book series Avengelyne.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Garano and Avengelyne comics creator Rob Liefeld are teaming up to make a movie adaptation of the series of comics. Carano will play the title character, a fallen Angel sent to Earth to find and protect ‘The One’. However, while keeping Earth safe, she must battle all sorts of monsters, demons and evil forces.

This sounds perfect for Garano as she can both be tough and sexy, and judging by the image above of Avengelyne, Carano appears the best choice.

No studio is attached yet, but the search begins next week for a writer and director, and the film is expected to be in the vein of the Underworld series.

Carano will be appearing at Comic-Con this weekend dressed as Avengelyne!

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