First image released for thriller Cut Bank, starring Liam Hemsworth & Teresa Palmer

cut bank

The first image from the up and coming thriller Cut Bank, starring Liam Hemsworth. The film focuses on a former high school athlete (Hemsworth) as an auto mechanic who dreams of escaping little town Cut Bank with his girlfriend (Teresa Palmer) to the big city. As he sets out to make his dream come true, a deadly series of events take place which have dire consequences for the townsfolk.

The image is beautiful and captivating, taking in the beauty of Montana.

Directed by Matt Shakman, the film also stars John Malkovich and Billy Bob Thornton.

No other information has been released for the film so watch this space as it unfolds.


DWAYNE MCLAREN (Liam Hemsworth, Hunger Games), a high school star athlete recently turned auto mechanic, dreams of getting out of tiny Cut Bank, MT – the coldest town in America – and whisking his pageant-hopeful girlfriend, CASSANDRA (Teresa Palmer), away to the big city. But his plan to do so sets in motion a deadly series of events and thrusts him into a police investigation headed by SHERIFF VOGEL (John Malkovich), the protector of Cut Bank and the closest thing Dwayne has to a father figure. Panic sweeps across the community in mere hours, but things are not what they seem. Cassandra’s father BIG STAN STEELEY (Billy Bob Thornton) is the only one who seems to realize this. However, the damage is already done and the events that unfold change Dwayne’s life – and the life of the town – forever.

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