Guillermo del Toro says ‘Hellboy 3’ is unlikely to ever happen




With Pacific Rim set to open this Friday and (hopefully) prove to studios that Guillermo del Toro can bring in the bucks of a Summer blockbuster, talk has arisen again about whether del Toro will ever make the much needed Hellboy 3. Hellboy star Ron Perlman recently said that del Toro “owes it to the world” to make a third Hellboy film, and said he would definitely be in for making a third film.

However, in a recent interview with Collider, del Toro himself admitted that he is incredibly busy, and that a third Hellboy film is very unlikely:

“It’s very unlikely it’ll happen because you need things to converge so strongly.  [Producer] Larry Gordon, Universal, the rights,Ron [Perlman’s] and mine’s availability, [comic creator] Mike [Mingola’s] blessing; we have pieces of that, but we don’t have all of that.  You need so many things to confluence and then you need about $150 million.”

While a third film may not be on the top of del Toro’s list, what about the film continuing in comic book form? Collider’s Steve put the question to del Toro who responded with the following:

“I talked to Mike about making it a comic and Mike said very clearly, ‘Hellboy the movies is yours, Hellboythe comics is mine; I don’t wanna confuse them.’  He has been very clear about not bringing any mythology we did in the movies into the comics, like Kroenen being a mechanical clockwork zombie Nazi, or The Samaritan, which is not called ‘The Samaritan’ in the comics, or Big Baby, or Abe Sapien being like the character he is in the movies, which is different.  In the comics he’s a hard-ass, Abe Sapien is really a tough guy, and in the movie he’s like this sensitive, mind reading fish man.  So [Mike] is very careful, no love story between Liz and Hellboy, so on and so forth”

This is not sounding very promising at all, and all hopes for a third Hellboy movie have now been shattered. Frustratingly, in the same interview, del Toro talked about how Hellboy 3 would have to expand and be even bigger than the last film, because Summer blockbusters demand bigger and better carnage these days:

“The way Hellboy 1 and Hellboy 2 are very different from each other,Hellboy 3 is different enough from the other two that it wouldn’t feel like the same universe in scale.  He does become the beast of the apocalypse.  But seeing the apocalypse is getting more and more—the bar is raised higher and higher every year; mass destruction is becoming the sport of the summer.”

If you can live with the fact that Hellboy 3 will probably never be made, you can read the rest of del Toro’s interview, and watch a video of it, at Collider.

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