New posters for I, Frankenstein & Seventh Son


With Comic-Con almost upon us, new posters are being released left, right and centre as production companies try to push their films as much as possible. So we’ve got new character posters for both the graphic novel adaptation, I Frankenstein and fantasy-adventure, Seventh Son.

I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart, focuses on a modern take on the monstrous character as he battles with demons who seek the answers to his creation and existence, and Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes, focuses on the two characters on a witch hunt, with the witch played by Julianne Moore.

The I, Frankenstein posters gives us images entitled “Immortal”, “Good” (strange looking good!!) and “Evil, and the Seventh Son posters focus on Djimon Hounsou, and Alicia Vikander.

Check them out below.

I, Frankenstein is due for release on 24th January 24, 2014 and Seventh Son on 17th January 17, 2014.

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