‘Predator’ sequel rumours destroyed, turns out the mysterious image revealed this week was for the 3D Predator release instead




So, fans were hungry for a sequel or a new Predator game after a mysterious image appeared on the official Facebook page, but sadly the image has now been confirmed by The L.A Times as a promotional stunt for something else.

Predator is heading to Comic-Con to promote the original films Blu-ray release in the US, and the film has been post-converted to 3D, and that is what all the fuss is about, NOT a sequel or new game or anything else. However, those attending Comic-Con will be granted to a very cool marketing gimmick where you can have yourself made into a Predator figurine! The L.A Times got the full details:

“To mark the 3-D Blu-ray release of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring Predator, Fox is dedicating a jungle-themed booth to the film and its iconic extra-terrestrial. Predator fans will be able to purchase custom-designed mini-figurines featuring their likeness. Because what fan wouldn’t want to see his or her own decapitated head, spine still attached, being held up by a Predator? The action figures will be created using photographs of participants (taken at the booth) and 3D printing. The figurines will be mailed to buyers after the convention. The booth will also feature a Comic-Con exclusive “Predator 3D” head as well as the opportunity to pre-order the Blu-ray.”







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