Shocking US box office weekend see’s ‘Pacific Rim’ beaten by Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2

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This weekend was a huge one in the US, with Despicable Me 2 in its second week, and the highly anticipated Guillermo del Toro directed Pacific Rim finally arriving. Also out this weekend was the sequel Grown Ups 2, a film many have been calling the worst film of the year so far. This was also meant to be a ‘make or break’ weekend for cinema goers to prove exactly what their taste in film was all about. A brand new film with no links to any other story, with relatively unknown actors with a huge budget was up against yet another, un-original sequel already familiar with audiences. People were looking to see if the long standing arguement of whether movie fans still had a taste for originality, or simply flocked to sequels like sheep, could be proved one way or another this weekend. We all wanted Pacific Rim to win, because quite frankly we are all getting fed up with sequels and remakes, and we all need some originality now and again.

Sadly the sequel won, and in a shocking display of bad taste, Grown Ups 2 beat Warner Brothers big gamble, Pacific Rim, this weekend. Not a good sign, but Pacific Rim is still being looked at as a success, and that we should be thankful for. Considered a fanboys wet dream, but slightly off putting for regular cinema goers, del Toro’s biggest film yet has scored very impressive reviews from critics (read our review here) and has achieved over 8/10 on IMDB and a whopping 72% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sadly these reviews and an aggressive marketing campaign could not get Pacific Rim to the top of the US Box Office.

Now, I have no issue with something as brilliant as Despicable Me 2 taking the top of the US box office for a second week, but Grown Ups 2 in second place and Pacific Rim in third is madness! Despicable Me 2 achieved a respectful $44.7 million to take the top spot, with Grown Ups 2 just behind on $42.5 million. Pacific Rim achieved third place with $38.3 million.

This is still a success story for Pacific Rim. Firstly it is del Toro’s biggest opening ever, with Hellboy 2 being the only other film to come close to this. Hellboy 2 opened the same weekend in 2007 with $34.5 million. Secondly the film is a success because Warners were only expecting the film to open with under $30 million. The film has opened roughly as big as the Tom Cruise starring Oblivion earlier this year ($37 million) and is expected to finish on around $110 million in the US alone. With a budget of $180-200 million, Warners are hoping that sales outside of the US may be stronger.

Sadly here in the UK astonishingly sunny weather has all but killed the box office, and it is expected that after an impressive $1 million opening day, Pacific Rim will either land in second place behind Monsters University, or possibly third (with Despicable Me 2 in second place). However, Pacific Rim’s opening day around the world has been strong, as Deadline explains:

Warner Bros says Pacific Rim continued to dominate Russia’s market at #1 with a 3-day cume of $4.1M. Korea had another great day with cume now $3.1M after 2 days, ranking #1 and taking 45% of the Top Five. Mexico started with $1.3M, and UK opening day was $1M ranking 2nd behind the other opener Monsters University. Australia’s cume is now $1.2M but only #4 for two straight days during the school holidays which is baffling, Italy is $585K, and New Zealand $221K. Pic launched in 25 markets on Thursday with a solid $7.8M on roughly 5,950 screens. Thursday’s top 7 markets included a strong opening day throughout Asia for #1. France and Germany follow next weekend, then China on July 31st, and Spain, Japan and Brazil on August 9th.

Fingers crossed then that Pacific Rim finds an audience outside the US, but for now here is how the US Box Office stands after the weekend:


 Title Weekend Total
1.  Despicable Me 2 $44,754,000 $229.2
2.  Grown Ups 2 $42,500,000 $42.5
3.  Pacific Rim $38,300,000 $38.3
4.  The Heat $14,000,000 $112.3
5.  The Lone Ranger $11,140,000 $71.1
6.  Monsters University $10,621,000 $237.7
7.  World War Z $9,430,000 $177
8.  White House Down $6,150,000 $62.9
9.  Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain $5,000,000 $26.3
10.  Man of Steel $4,825,000 $280.9
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