‘The Expendables 3’: Has Steven Seagal joined the cast?




Ever since the very first Expendables film, there has been talk of veteran action hero Steven Seagal joining the team. For some reason he was left out of the first film, and there was even talk of him being asked and not wanting to. The sequel would have proved problematic as Jean Claude Van Damme was already part of the cast, and putting Van Damme and Seagal on set together would have been disastrous (they apparently hate each other). Now, with The Expendables 3 still casting, new rumours have begun on Seagal finally signing up. These rumours started the minute The Expendables 3 was announced, but things may have moved forward.

According to The Expendables fansite, ExBlog, several Bulgarian websites are confirming that Seagal has signed on to appear in the third Expendables film. While these runmours have neither been confirmed or denied, the reports are stating that Seagal will be joining the team as one of the good guys!

The same sites are also confirming that Mel Gibson has also signed up to play the film lead villain, something which was rumoured quite recently. Gibson will soon be seen playing the villain in Machete Kills, so his villainous techniques will already have been practiced, and the thought of seeing Gibson and Seagal going at it is quite an exciting prospect.

If indeed Seagal is onboard, then this could be fun. His early career days he preferred beating people to a bloody pulp rather than using guns and explosions, and while the majority of the Expendables action is focused around big loud weapons, Seagal could make a welcome change and there might be some big hand to hand combat fight lined up. Both the previous films saw a big hand to hand fight: Van Damme and Stallone in Part 2, and Dolph Lundgren against Jet Li, or Stallone against Steve Ausitn in the first film, so Seagal having his chance to shine again would be cool.

For those that miss Seagal’s glory days, check out this awesome collection of his early (and best) work below.



Here is what we know of The Expendables 3 so far:

Lionsgate have revealed that they will release The Expendables 3 in US cinemas on August 15th 2014. This marks the third time The Expendables will be released at the tail end of the Summer Blockbuster season, and his hasn’t harmed the previous two films.

Both the previous films were released around the same time in 2010 for the first film, and in 2012 for the second film. The Expendables grossed $275 million worldwide, while The Expendables 2 did slightly better taking $300 million worldwide.

Sylvester Stallone has starred in both films, and will be back for the third film. While we still wait for confirmation of the previous films cast members to return, the only name we know for sure is back is Mickey Rourke. However, it is doubtful the main cast would not return for a third outing, so the likes of Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture are likely to be announced at some point.

What is even more exciting is the latest additions to the Expendables series, and a number of names have been confirmed over the past few weeks to be making their Expendables debut. Wesley Snipes, Milla Jovovich, Jackie Chan and Nicolas Cage are all set to appear, and there have even been talks with Steven Seagal to make his first appearance in the films. Exciting stuff indeed.

We also now know who will be directing The Expendables 3, Australian director Patrick Hughes. Hughes is an Australian commercials director who has made a small amount of short film including Signs, The Lighter and The Director. His only feature lengthy film is the 2010 Western Red Hill.

Production on The Expendables 3 is set to begin later this year.

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