Warner Brothers planning a Superman and Batman team up movie before Justice League?




While we all continue to get excited, and also have doubts at just how likely Warner Brothers’ Justice League movie will be, some news has leaked ahead of the Warners Comic-Con panel, and the news is very interesting.

Hero Complex, and a number of other sites, have reported that “two sources with knowledge of the movie”  have said that Warners will not be making Justice League as their next superhero movie. Instead, they are planning a sequel to Man of Steel, but the sequel will in fact feature both Superman AND Batman.

Warners declined to comment on the rumours, but it has been reported that Zack Snyder will direct the film, and David S. Goyer would also return to write. Naturally Henry Cavill is expected to return as Superman, but sadly there will be no Christian Bale as Batman. Christopher Nolan is expected to return as producer.

Now, this is all at the rumour stage, but the reports are saying that Warners plan to have the Superman and Batman team up movie ready for 2015. But that’s not all…

The most recent reports are saying that a Flash movie is planned for 2016, and the Justice League movie is looking at a 2017 release.

The Warner Brothers panel at Comic-Con should hopefully address these rumours, so expect something a little more concrete over the next few days.

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