Awesome ‘Event Horizon’ image gallery shows off those horrific scenes of violence




Back in 1997 horror fans were so excited about director Paul W.S. Anderson’s sci-fi shocker, Even Horizon, and we were not disappointed. Starring Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne, to this day the space horror continues to show up of fans best of lists, and for good reason.

Event Horizon has managed to keep its terror, and even today the film looks stunning. While some of the dialogue might be a little cheesy nowadays, you cannot deny that the film is an awesome piece of work.

However, for years there has been talk of a much darker directors cut that spends much more time exploring Hell, which is where the ship went after creating a black hole. In the version we have all seen, we do get glimpses of the horrors the previous crew of the Event Horizon went through, and one particular scene where a video is accidentally triggered, we see what happened to the ships previous crew.

However, as many horror fans will probably agree, the footage was too quick and it would have been up to the films eventual DVD release to give us a real chance of pausing these horrific images to get a real good look at them. Other scenes like when Sam Neill’s Dr Weir shows the salvage ships Captain Miller (Fishburne) where the Event Horizon had been (“do you see!!”) is also very quickly eidted so we get mere glimpses of the carnage.

Thankfully a cool image gallery has made its way on-line showing all of those violent images, so you can simply stare at the bloodshed for as long as you damn well please. This, unfortunately, will have to do as it is very doubtful the highly sought after Director’s Cut will ever be released, if indeed it actually exists.


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