‘Chronicle’ screenwriter Max Landis explains just how dark his sequel would have been



I adored director Josh Trank’s awesome found footage superhero flick, Chronicle, and while the film was perfectly directed by Trank, let’s not forget Max Landis awesome writing skills on the film. Now, we all know that Fox are moving ahead with a sequel, and while Trank will not be returning to direct, Landis was set to return to write.

However, after writing the next film, it was reveled a short while ago that Landis’ had been taken off the sequel because his story simply went too dark for Fox, and this is a real shame. Chronicle was special, and while the first half of the film was fairly lighthearted and fun, it moved into much darker territory as the film reached its climax, and got very exciting indeed, and I would have welcomed a darker sequel too. Sadly Fox seem to want a sort of rehash of the first film, and are not willing to go to such depths as Landis wants to take the film.

Always one to speak up, Landis took to Twitter this weekend to talk about how his sequel would have played out, and he even names his sequel ‘Martyr’, suggesting that just maybe some other studio will acquire it in the future (fingers crossed).

Landis called his sequel a “different movie” and reflects that he’s “not even sure if fans of the first film would’ve been ready or eager for my second installment as originally written,”. He goes on to explain that his sequel explored further the themes and ideas presented in the first film rather than being a Xeroxed copy of it.

“Gone was the aspirational ‘what would you do,’ gone were the pranks and the bromance, gone were lovely tragic Andrew and hopeful, bright Steve,” he said. “In their place was a dark, frustratingly unblinking stare into a complicated world that posed the question is it worth it to be a hero, told from the point of view of a heartbroken and insane woman who would martyr herself to the cause of being the world’s first villain.”

Landis talked about how it might not have worked, and that his film would never be an Aliens, Terminator 2 or, at worst, Grease 2.

“So at the end of the day, maybe it’s better that Martyr never saw the light of day,” he says. “Sad I didn’t get to do some of my other versions. The multi-movie low budget Chronicle-based found footage superhero universe culminating in an Avengers type team up was a real good one.

An Avengers type team up eh, all his ideas certainly do sound interesting, and if it has been written, then there is nothing to say that Martyr could see the light of day in the future?

Landis was also upset that he hasn’t got to explain a few things from the first film too: “The most frustrating thing is that I don’t know if I’ll get the opportunity to explain what MOGO was or what he was doing in that cave.”

Whatever Fox has planned for the sequel to Chronicle, I would welcome Landis’ version being made that’s for sure.

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