First trailer lands for Roger Corman produced Chinese horror ‘Hell’s Haunted Palace’



Also known as The Living Dead, Hell’s Haunted Palace is a made for TV horror film produced by the great Roger Corman, and directed by Antony Szeto. The Chinese based horror flick has already caused some confusion by having its cast in an authentic Chinese setting, speaking English. For the films Chinese release, the actors have been dubbed over in Cantonese to avoid any complaints.

The film is the first of two Chinese horror films which Corman has financed and produced. The films will be made in the English language with the aim of being shown on US TV, and then making its way to DVD later. The first film, Hell’s Haunted Palace, had its world premiere at the PiFan movie festival last month, and the trailer has now been released.

Directed by Antony Szeto, Hell’s Haunted Palace stars Katie Savoy, Catherine Siggins, Kerem Bursim, James Taku Leung, Juju Chan and Yixin Li. Roger Corman produces.


Hell’s Haunted Palace is set in the city of Guangzhou, and revolves around a team of US filmmakers who find their original mission of making a documentary about the Chinese Ghost Festival derailed – in an increasingly gory fashion – by a deadly female spirit seeking vengeance from her brutal death in the royal courts hundreds of years ago.


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