Len Wiseman no longer directing Universal’s reboot of ‘The Mummy’




Production on Universal’s new reboot of The Mummy continues on, but the director of the film, Len Wiseman, has excited the project. Wiseman is the director responsible for films like the awful Total Recall remake, Die Hard 4 and The Underworld films, and he is currently working on his TV series Sleepy Hollow. Scheduling conflicts has meant that he cannot do his TV series and The Mummy film.

Producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Sean Daniels are now frantically searching for a director to replace Wiseman, as Universal were hoping to have the film ready for sometime next year.

There are also two scripts for the film, and it is not sure who’s will be used. Originally Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts was writing the script, yet Universal were getting impatient and brought in Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) to write a “backup script” should they not be happy with what Spaihts comes up with.

A previous report states that should Universal end up being happy with both scripts, then they will join them together using the best bits from each. Should Spaihts and Ray end up working together, the report also claims that the pair could end up taking on roles for the script. One would be the ”structure and body man” and one as a “character and dialogue man”.

The story is to be set in modern times, and Universal are planning a more serious version of their classic monster after the Brendan Fraser trilogy.

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