New still released for Hidden in the Woods remake, starring Michael Biehn


A new still has been released for director Patricio Valladares remake of Hidden in the Woods, starring Michael Biehn, from Blanc/Biehn Productions.

Michael Biehn stars alongside William Forsythe (The Rock, The Devil’s Rejects), MMA fighter Krzysztof Soszynski, Chris Browning (Sons of Anarchy, The Book of Eli), Ricco Ross (Aliens), Jeannine Kaspar (House of Lies, Nip/Tuck), Andy Mackenzie (Sushi Girl, True Blood), Electra Avellan (Grindhouse, Machete Kills), Mark Burnham (Wrong, Wrong Cops), Jennifer Blanc (The Victim, Wrong Cops), Richard Gunn (Granite Flats, Dark Angel), Caitlin Keats (Broken English, Kill Bill Volume 2, Treachery), Mark Gantt (The Night Visitor, Among Friends), Evie Louise Thompson (The Call, Heebie Jeebies), Nick Bateman (Hobo With a Shotgun), Cody Hackman (Tapped), Grace Powell (Jacob), Larry Carroll (Dark Horse, Jacob), Cheryl Hawker (My Name Is Earl), and Greg Ingram (Machete).

The film is due for release in 2014.


Hidden in the Woods tells the story of two sisters who have been raised in isolation, subjected to the torment of their abusive, drug dealing father. When they finally decide to report him to the police, he kills the two officers and is put in jail. But things go from bad to worse when the girls must answer to their Uncle Costello, a psychotic drug kingpin, who shows up looking for his missing merchandise which is hidden in the woods.

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