No ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie this year, but there will be TWO next year!




Paranormal Activity fans were give some rather distressing news recently when Paramount announced that the planned sequel, Paranormal Activity 5, would not be arriving in cinemas in time for Halloween this year.

Originally slated to hit cinemas in the US and UK for Halloween, the secretive fifth film in the franchise was recently pushed back to 2014. Today Paramount and producer Jason Blum have revealed the official release date for Paranormal Activity 5, and that will be October 24th 2014, perfectly timed for its usual Halloween slot.

However, horror fans have had a franchise to look forward for every Halloween for ten years now. It all started when Saw released a new film every year on Halloween, and when that finished, Paranormal Activity took over in 2009, and has released a new film every Halloween since, until this year. Disappointed fans can breathe a sigh of relief though, because a second Paranormal Activity film is due for release next year!

The much talked about, but again very secretive Latino spin-off, originally called ‘O.T: Oxnard Tapes’, has now been re-titled as ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’. This film will arrive in cinemas on January 3rd 2014, with Paramount hoping to reproduce the success they had with The Devil Inside the same time last year.

All we know of the Latino spin-off is that Christopher Landon is directing, and it will have a Latino spin on things, with possibly a much stronger religious tone. Not much is being given away, and even a short teaser for the film at the end of Paranormal Activity 4 barely indicated anything!

Paranormal Activity 5, on the other hand, is even more secretive. No director, writer, cast or even a plot have been announced yet, and all we know for sure is that Jason Blum is producing.

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