Seth MacFarlane confirms ‘Ted 2’ to be released in April 2015




Seth MacFarlane’s hilarious Ted grossed a whopping $395 million worldwide last year for Universal, and became the most successful R-rated comedy ever. It was no surprise that in September last year, plans were announced for a sequel.

Mark Wahlberg will be returning in the sequel,  which MacFarlane again will direct, and he told Digital Spy last week that production on Ted 2 is set to begin in May 2014.

Plot details and cast details on the new film have not been revealed yet, and all we know for sure is that both MacFarlane and Wahlberg are back. However, MacFarlane responded to a fans Tweet yesterday, and revealed when the film is expected to arrive in cinemas. He revealed that “we’re aiming for a 2015 Passover release date”.

MacFarlane, always the joker, is an atheist, so probably had a good chuckle at his statement, but Passover is a religious holiday which runs from Friday April 3rd to Saturday April 11th 2015, giving Ted 2 a two weekend window.

Universal were not as clear on the release plans, and simply confirmed that Ted 2 would arrive in April 2015.

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