Synopsis revealed for Scottish monster movie The Loch, starring Peter Mullan

Peter Mullan

A synopsis has finally been revealed for the once top secret Scottish monster movie, The Loch.  Check it out below.

Co-written by James Watkins (The Woman in Black), the film is due to be directed by Simon Duric (The Woman in Black, Eden Lake, Sherlock Holmes) and stars Peter Mullan (Trainspotting, Red Riding, War Horse).

No other details have been released as of yet.


Michael McKidd seems to have the perfect life a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, a high-powered job, all the trappings of success.

But, scratch the surface and things are not as they appear. His business nears bankruptcy and he has taken drastic measures to prevent anyone from finding out. With his life spiraling out of control, desperation is quickly setting in.

Trapped and fearing no way out he decides to take his family away to Loch Ness in Scotland, under the false pretenses of a family holiday. Driven to the brink, his real plan is to take their lives, believing they are better off dead than facing the shame of financial ruin and public humiliation.

But as he prepares for his family’s final moments, Michael’s plans are interrupted by something in the water. Lurking just under the surface is a malevolent creature, intent on terrorising the family. As their lives are pulled apart by dark forces beyond their control, a bloody struggle for survival ensues and Michael must fight to save his family from what lies beneath.

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

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