Tell Us Your Favourite Movie Alien For Your Chance to Win a Copy of DARK SKIES on DVD


Dark Skies, the latest box office smash hit nerve-shredder from the producers of Sinister and Insidious ramps up the fear factor, as a family find themselves terrorised by an unknown force. Starring ‘The Americans’ Keri Russell, this hyper-real horror film gets under the skin and abducts your senses! #BewareDarkSkies.

To celebrate the release – which hits DVD and Blu-ray on 5th August 2013 – we have a copy to give away!

Lucy and Daniel Barrett (Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton) are suburban parents trying to get by and provide for their sons. The struggles of normal life become extraordinary as the Barretts start to experience an escalating series of disturbing phenomena occurring around their home. Soon, the Barretts begin falling victim to alarming physical and mental afflictions, leading them to believe that they are being targeted by an unimaginable deadly force which they must uncover by any means necessary.

For your chance to win DARK SKIES on either DVD or Blu-Ray, simply comment below telling us your favourite alien from the world of film and explain why

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Friday 16th August 2013 and one valid comment will be chosen and the winner notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 1 winner will win 1x Dark Skies DVD or Blu-Ray
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. It has to be E.T, even after all these years and no matter how many time I watch it that film can still get to me. Good to see an alien movie with humans as the bad guys

  2. Gotta be the ones in Mars Attacks – they’re some of the bloodthirstiest ones every, while looking really comical, and shouting ‘we come in peace’ as they kill everything! Classic film, and classic aliens 😀

  3. predator simply because most aliens are creepy/horrible but the predators are just coolness personified! the samuel l jackson`s of the alien race lol 😈

  4. the Alien from Alien, loved it as it was sinister yet you didn’t see that much of it, the suspense and feeling about the Alien was largely down to the sounds and quick moving images.

  5. THE Alien (of course). He’s lick. He’s cool. He’s relentless. He’s the ultimate warrior. He makes other aliens from other films look as scary as ET.

  6. Chewbacca – big, furry and rips droid’s arms from their sockets when they beat him at games – what’s not to like.

  7. it has to be the alien, from the film franchise. Dark, immensely strong, almost unbeatable, and moves with stealth, you never know when or where they will strike, Truely terrifying, be afraid be very afraid

  8. The alien from ‘Aliens’ has never been surpassed. Evil, foreboding, with an aura of high intelligence and capable of great vengeance.

  9. the aliens I like best are the ones in battleship as I don’t usually like alien films and that one I really enjoyed and they were perfect as they were scary but still almost human like in their suits.

  10. paul cos shes so cute and funny and just how you think an alien would look but so down to earth with it, also its the same name as my son lol

  11. Paul, I thought this film was hilarious and I thought the character they created looked so cool! I would love him as a sidekick the cheeky thing! The looks I would get!

  12. The Transformers, especially Bumblebee. Who wouldn’t want a car that turns into a fantastic evil fighting robot?

  13. I like the Blob from the 1958 original. It has no personal qualities but it is somehow likable when it goes off on the tour of the town.

  14. Zaphod Beeblebrox because Zaphod,wel he’s just this guy, you know – and he invented the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

  15. The Predator .. I really didn’t know how they were going to get out of it alive until the mud idea .. you see, he was a heat seeker and the mud acted as a blocker to this.

  16. I think my favourite alien would have to be Thomas Jerome Newton played by David Bowie. The reason why is slightly different to that of the usual aliens who want to kill or take over planet Earth. He came to Earth for his family who were on a planet that was slowly killing them as water was rare. The character started out with a noble mission to save his family and his planet but ends up getting lost and distracted from what he came to do by all the greed and chaos of the human world. He is really am alien not just because he isn’t from Earth but also in other ways relating to costume and psychologically.

  17. I love the cute little guy that gets massive really quickly in ” 20 Million Miles to Earth” (1957) mainly because he is one of Ray Harryhausen’s best creations.

  18. Hard to choose, but I’ll go with the alien from Paul for his comedy value and for making a comedy alien film a success (it could have gone very wrong!)

  19. Alien, as it was my first ever scary film and it gave me nightmares. Reminded me to never take your friends advice that it isn’t scary…

  20. I don’t like horrors because of my mum put me in front of the birds as a baby. I try and watch it with my husband I just and scream he thinks its amusing But I really hate Clowns so for me it has to be IT gives me the shivers thinking of it.

  21. Main stream – The ? from theMothman Prophecies. We never find out what the Mothman is, where it’s from or what its purpose, if any, is. It is truly alien.
    TV spin offs – Londo Mulari in The Beginning is majestic, sorrowful, imposing, reflective, just carries every scene he’s in.

  22. The alien from ALIEN.Totally devoid of emotion and impossible to placate.It lives to kill and recreate others of its species and nothing else.Purely terrifying.

  23. the most daunting of all has to be the alien spaceships from the original war of the worlds from the fifties with gene barry so scary when i was young truly a masterpiece of its time

  24. ET bit boring i know but i remember going to the cinema when it first came out and it had me in tears,my fave alien ,on the other end of the spectrum ,i loved alien now that one totally freaked me out,scared the pants off me 🙂


    mainly because i have been on pubcrawls like that – car bombs, weird tourists, hospitalisation , etc

  26. Thomas Newton (David Bowie) from The Man who Fell to Earth. It’s a little seen film, but one where the main character sticks with you for a long time after.

  27. The alien creature from “The Thing”. Being able to copy anyone definitely has its advantages if you’re planning on taking over the world 😯

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