Tell Us Your Favourite Stephen King Story For Your Chance to Win STEPHEN KING’S BAG OF BONES on DVD


To celebrate the release of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones on DVD from 19th August 2013, we’ve two copies to give away to our lucky readers.

Based on the award-winning bestselling novel by Stephen King, STEPHEN KING’S BAG OF BONES is an unforgettable psychological thriller.

Two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Pierce Brosnan (Die Another Day) stars as Mike Noonan, a novelist who suffers from writer’s block after the death of his wife, Jo (Annabeth Gish, TV’s “Pretty Little Liars”). A dream inspires him to return to the couple’s lakeside retreat hoping to find answers about his wife’s sudden death – but he is plagued by ever-escalating nightmares and mysterious ghostly visitations from Sara Tidwell (Anika Noni Rose, Dreamgirls), a blues singer whose spirit lingers in the house. As the inhabitants of Dark Score Lake haunt him, Mike comes to realise that his late wife still has something to tell him.

Jason Priestly (TV’s “Beverly Hills, 90210”), Melissa George (30 Days Of Night) and William Schallert (TV’s “True Blood”) also star in this haunting thriller.

For your chance to win a copy of STEPHEN KING’S BAG OF BONES on DVD, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite Stephen King story and why it’s your favourite.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 8th September 2013 and two valid comments will be chosen and the winner notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 2 winners will each win 1x Stephen King’s Bag of Bones DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. Rose Madder. The first King book I ever read that featured such a strong female lead character. One to identify with & aspire to. That book was a real eye opener for me the first time I read it & still continues to keep me hooked every time.

  2. I had never shivered whilst reading a horror story until I read “Pet Sematary.” That story really put the willies up me! Shame about the film though!

  3. i think it is a lesser known one but its THINNER. really scares me but is a fantastic film, thanks for the chance to win this xx

    • I am sorry I clicked submit by mistake……It is my favourite because it keeps you hooked all the way through. I am always surprised and enthralled by it, every time I read it. I take this book everywhere with me, on every holiday, nights away. It is a little battered to be honest.

  4. The shining, as throughout Stephen king, never let’s up on the tension and horror as Jack,Torrance descends into madness, leaving his wife and son facing terrible danger. He conveys that descent and horror in such a way that you have to keep reading even though you yourself become afraid of whats coming next.

    • Also as a movie Stand By Me (The Body) was pretty GREAT !! and 1408 (Short Story) and Secret Window also very very good amongst my favourites, as a Stephen King fan the more i think bout it the more difficult it is to choose 😈

  5. ‘The Green Mile’ – I like the first person narrative (Paul Edgecombe) as he switches between the present and past recounting his time as a prison officer on death row. The book focuses on a particular inmate John Coffey who is presumed to be guilty but Paul has his doubts It is a thought provoking and moving plot that is beautifully written.

  6. Thinner – it’s so insidious. Really overweight guy is delighted to be losing weight at first, then it gets scary. Plus with the pie at the end – will he pass the curse on or not? No scary monsters in this one, but it’s still terrifying.

  7. It – a wonderful evocation of childhood friendship yet really scary. It is also a reminder of an old friend who recommended it to me.

  8. Dreamcatcher, first read it after watching the covenant and it was mentioned so became curious. really took my mind to another reality. was great read.

  9. My favourite stephen king story is Cell. The thought of people turning into monsters just by using a mobile phone is very disturbing.

  10. The Shining is my all time favourite book. All of the characters, especially Jack Torrance, are beautifully written and the imagery Stephen King conjures through his writing is as vivid and powerful now as it was the first time I read it. I re-read it every year around Halloween.

  11. It, I found the book really scary, but couldn’t put it down, loved it, did not think the movie did it justice

  12. definitely a rather scary Leslie Nielsen, in something to tide you over from Creepshow, – burying in the sand. Excellent

  13. Pet Sematary… not only was it one of the most chilling ideas for a story, watching the movie adaptation was even scarier when placing your imagination into visual practice and seeing it… It genuinely frightened me.

  14. It’s got to be The Dark Tower-no particular part,I love it all. It has everything-love and tragedy; time travel and alternate realities; deep and unbreakable friendships; horror and evil ; joy and comedy; and VAMPIRES! Incredible and unforgettable characters such as Walter,Tick Tock Man,Father Callahan,Blaine the Train,dear Oy and Jake, Susannah with her double personality,and her love Eddie, and of course the main man,Roland of Gilead,possibly King’s most complex ever hero (or should that be anti hero?) By far Mr King’s best work and his ‘jupiter’ (as he calls it) that much of his other novels are inspired by.

  15. Christine – its the first one i read as a teenager and prompted me to go seek out more of King’s books. Didn’t think much of the film mind!!

  16. Would have to be The Stand. It was different and i have not seen anything like it and at the time I found it quite scary

  17. Pet Sematary is my favourite. Like most of my favourite King books it starts as an ordinary everyday midtown American story, but the mystery builds and builds until the horror is unleashed. I’ve never seen the film version, but I don’t mond that.

  18. IT is my favourite book because it was the first horror book I ever read when I was a teenager and even though I have read it several times now it still sends shivers down my back.

  19. “IT” – I’m not easily scared but being somewhat scared of clowns anyway this terrified me when I watched it as a ten year old! (Unsupervised sleepovers were the best!). Then as a teenager I saw the book for sale and had to have it. I devoured it, it was one of the first adult books I read and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. Funnily enough I think if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much then maybe I wouldn’t have developed such a passion for reading.

  20. It – first of his books I ever read and it was brilliantly written and it was scary (but I haven’t yet found a book of his that isn’t great !)

  21. The Shawshank Redemption, closely followed by The Green Mile because I just love prison movies and these two were both adapted from Stephen King’s work. Reading the rest of the comments, it’s amazing how many other great movies originally came from his pen. ‘It’ is his best book to read though.

  22. TV Wise – IT, I remember being freaked out as a child watching this made for tv film of this and not being able to go upstairs myself for months. It’s definitely what started off my love of horrors.

    Book – The Stand, a massive read but it’s so exciting!

  23. I love IT – Penny Wise was so scary when I was young but now it is quite laughable. I bet they could re-make it alot scarier

  24. I love The Stand…the characters all come across as believable in the psychosis and the interaction of them all brings the story to an awesome conclusion!

  25. The Stand here too. It’s a fascinating look at something that actually could happen and how society and real people in that situation might act.

  26. The Green Mile. It shows Stephen King can write really gripping stories that are not horror. It makes you think and really feel for some of the characters.

    It also shows that good people can end up in a bad situation yet remain good.

    A very sad story in many ways.

    The film was good but nowhere nearly as good as the book.

  27. got to be either Christine as it’s such a lovely looking car to cause all that trouble or Needful things. You little devil lol

  28. THE STAND.
    Even though the story is on an epic scale King still manages to make you feel intimately involved with the individual characters.This book lives with you long after finishing the final page.

  29. 11/22/63 about the JFK assassination, Just think its the greatest book he has ever created and looking forward to a mini series or movie made on it the setting and story are amazing and highly reccomend if anyone is yet to read.

  30. The Talisman (co-written with Peter Straub) a brilliant story with such a bizarre concept. It really makes you think.

  31. love the langoliers ,first one i watched of Stephen King and because of this seems to have always been my favourite 🙂

  32. The Stand.

    A fantastic story that portrays good and evil in an unusual way, Poses some great philosophical dilemmas on the “long walk” Some powerful moments in the story that generate strong emotional responses.

    Uh, all sounds a bit pretentious that, it’s just a damn good read.

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