What the hell is this JJ Abrams and Bad Robot mysterious trailer???



JJ Abrams is the king of mystery, and that is a good thing in todays information loaded world of movies. Thankfully Abrams is a director who can command secrecy, and if he does not want to reveal something about an upcoming project, he won’t.

Look at how well he kept hidden Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain role in Star Trek Into Darkness. Yes most of us had already figured out who Cumberbatch was playing, but Abrams never revealed his true identity, and played with fans ideas by attempting to throw us off the scent. Look at the mighty Cloverfield and how brilliantly the mystery built around that classic, and no doubt we are going to get much of the same with Star Wars: Episode VII.

Abrams and his Bad Robot production company have released a mysterious new trailer today, and no one has a bloody clue what it is!

Titled ‘Stranger’, the minute long trailer features a man stumbling around in heavy rain, with a voiceover asking questions rather than giving answers. The man is eventually revealed, and his mouth is stitched up, and the harsh black and white make the entire thing rather creepy.

Nothing is revealed as to what this could be, and checking IMDB under both JJ Abrams and Bad Robot, there is nothing there to hint at what this mysterious trailer is for.

I would like to live with the fact I haven’t got a clue, and am happy for Abrams to reveal exactly what it is when he is good and ready.

Let the speculation begin!


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