‘World War Z’ passes $500 million worldwide, becomes Brad Pitt’s highest grossing film ever!



I loved World War Z, and considering the problems the film faced during production, after all was said and done, the film delivered way above everyone’s expectations. Critics were ready to maul the film on release, with many expecting the film to be a total disaster, and Paramount were nervous that their highly expensive film was not going to perform as well as they hoped.

Production issues from a ballooning budget, rewrites, re-shoots and Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster falling out became one of the biggest talking point of the last year. Everyone with any interest in the film knew of its problems, and many were nervous of how the film would eventually turn out, some even thought it may never get finished. However, while the final film may not have been the adaptation fans of the graphic novel were hoping for, all things considered, the film was a mighty good watch.

When the films reviews started to get published, they were actually mostly positive, not what we were expecting, and suddenly there was hope for the massive scale zombie flick, and people began to trust in Forster and Pitt’s film. The film opened in the US to a whopping $66 million, the highest opening weekend ever for Brad Pitt, and the figure totally blew Paramounts expectations out of the water. The film eventually went on to gross an impressive $197.4 million in the US alone, and suddenly the $170 million budgeted film was looking like it might actually make some money back, and it did!

To date, World War Z has earned $305.2 million at the box office outside of the US, making the film worldwide gross now standing at $502.6 million, a huge win for Paramount, and the biggest film of Brad Pitt’s career. His previous record was held by Troy which earned a worldwide gross of $497 million. Pitt, Forster and Paramount must be very happy with the success of World War Z, a film which initially seemed doomed to fail.

There was talk of a sequel (the film was originally intended as the first of a trilogy) after the film massive US opening weekend, but since then things have gone quiet. I am hoping the we do get the full trilogy as promised, but considering the huge mess and fallouts that happened during production, is it likely that Pitt or even Forster would return? Personally, I would welcome both of them back, but based on the production of the film, it is doubtful. The good news though, is that World War Z gained the success it so rightfully deserved, and with the film now passing $500 million worldwide, Paramount must feel more comfortable now at the prospect of a sequel. Fingers crossed…

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