Casting update for Jim Mickle’s revenge thriller ‘Cold in July’




Jim Mickle’s new version of the classic Mexican cannibal horror, We Are What We Are, blew me away at FrightFest, and I cannot wait for his next film, Cold in July.

Three names have just been added to the cast: Sam Shepard (Killing Them Softly, Mud), Don Johnson (Django Unchained), and Vinessa Shaw (Two Lovers) have joined lead Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”).

Produced by Linda Moran and Rene Bastian at New York-based Belladonna, “Cold” is a character-driven thriller. Mickle rolls on “Cold” in July. “Cold” marks Backup Media’s first ever case of fully financing a movie.

Adapted by Nick Damici and Mickle, the film is being produced by Belladonna Productions’ Rene Bastian, Adam Folk, and Linda Moran — frequent Mickle collaborators.

Deadline revealed the films synopsis:

Richard Dane shoots and kills an armed burglar in his living room. It’s a clear-cut case of self defense to everyone but the burglar’s father, who vows Old Testament-style eye-for-an-eye justice. Here, that means son for son. The cops, the feds, and the Dixie mafia all play a part in the ensuing mayhem.

“It was important to us to find partners on the movie who would help us create an environment for Jim, where he would be protected and be able to excel as a filmmaker,” Linda Moran and Rene Bastian from Belladonna said. “We are very happy to have found the full support of the Backup/MFI team.”

For Backup Media, this marks a growing determination to put equity into English-language films; in previous investments they provided debt. “We are very proud Cold In July is the first film for which Backup has provided one-stop film financing,” a Backup rep said. “We truly believe Belladonna/MFI/Mickle are the ideal team for us to extend our investment framework.”

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