Content Media and Beactive Release Multi-Platform Sci-Fi Series COLLIDER at Next MIPCOM


COLLIDER is a science-fiction multi-platform series inspired by the universe and the graphic novel of the same name created by award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer-producer Nuno Bernardo (Sofia’s Diary, Beat Girl, Final Punishment), depicting the last 24 hours of a group of six characters trapped on the CERN campus in the year 2018. They are our last hope to avoid certain destruction of the world.

COLLIDER series include 8*11’ Webisodes 4-part 22’ TV Series and a 90’ feature length cut for VoD, DVD and theatrical release. It features Iain Robertson (Basic Instinct 2, Plunkett & Macleane, The Contractor, Band of Brothers) and Lucy Cudden (Pulp, Judas Ghost, Afterlife) and was directed by Jason Butler (Republic of Telly, The Rubberbandits). The series is complemented by two mobile Apps (iOS and Android), a series of 6 comic books, a graphic Novel (already on sale in specialized comic book stores) and a full social media experience. CONTENT TELEVISION & DIGITAL, a division of Content Media, is handling international sales of the different versions and cuts of the series.

The action in COLLIDER goes down in Geneva, Switzerland, on what was once the CERN campus, where the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator, is located. Unfamiliar with the destroyed world, which surrounds them, six survivors are bound together and confronted with an alternate reality they are unable to understand. When they realize that the human species is now extinct, and that the same fate awaits them if they do not come together, the group puts a plan into action: initiate the Large Hadron Collider and initiate a travel in time back to 2012 in a way to save mankind.

Unusually for an independent multiplatform series, COLLIDER has over 70 digital visual effects, including scenery reconstructions and scenes entirely generated on computer (CGI). The special effects include the recreation of the CERN campus, a scene with flooded campus tunnels and the design of the creatures that will attack the survivors, ‘The Unknown’. COLLIDER is set for theatrical premiere on October 15th in London, within the The Cross-Media Forum, a parallel event to the BFI London Film Festival and is set for premiere as a feature film in the Portuguese cinemas on November 14th 2013.

COLLIDER combines traditional sci-fi themes with an action packed story, with elements of drama and romance. The setting is a post-apocalyptic future world with an uninhabitable atmosphere and terrifying creatures that wait in the dark, time travel and a lone group of survivors as humanity’s last hope for redemption. The battle for survival begins now!

Official synopsis

When a scientific experiment goes wrong, mankind is on the verge of extinction and the world faces its darkest hour. Mysteriously transported to a post-apocalyptic future, six people need to find a way to get back to the present and save mankind – and their own lives. In the year 2018, the planet collapses due to natural disaster and the appearance of a mutant species called “The Unknown”. Unaware of time and space, the six survivors, driven by Peter Ansay, a young genius in quantum physics will have to join forces to reactivate the COLLIDER and go back in time and avoid the apocalypse. But it will not be an easy journey: within less than 24 hours, the gate will close for good…

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