David Cronenberg’s 1975 horror Shivers to be remade


It has been announced at the Toronto International Film Festival that David Cronenberg’s 1975 horror movie Shivers is to be remade, according to Variety.

Producers Jeff Sackman and Michael Baker have indicated that they are planning to commence filming in February 2014 and will be an updated version of the original where a genetically-engineered strain of parasites is released into a self-contained luxury apartment complex which transform the residents into violent, compulsive sex-addicts, and a doctor has a race against time as he tries to find a cure before the infection spreads further.

Sackman said this at the festival: “This is an opportunity to bring ‘Shivers’ to audiences in our current era and reminds me of cutting-edge films I’ve had the opportunity to work on previously, including ‘American Psycho,’ ‘Buffalo 66? and ‘Young People Fucking.’”

The remake will be directed by Rie Rasmussen from a screenplay written by Ian Driscoll.

The original film was written and directed by Cronenberg . It was also known in some countries as They Came From Within.

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