J.T Petty’s ‘Hellbenders’ announces US release date




If feels like we have been talking about director J.T Petty’s (The Burrowers) horror comedy, Hellbenders, for ages. The full length trailer finally dropped back in June, and at last the director himself has taken to Twitter to announce the films highly anticipated US release date.

Hellbenders 3D finally lands in select US cinemas and also on VOD on October 18th. Sadly no UK dates are available at this time.

J.T Petty both writes and directs the film which is based on his own graphic novel.  Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Andre Royo, Robyn Rikoon, Macon Blair and Dan Folger star in Hellbenders, which has been digitally shot in 3D.


It follows the exploits of the Brooklyn-based Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints — known as Hellbenders, a team of lewd and blasphemous ministers who live in a constant state of debauchery in order to be ready so they can drag the worst of demons back to Hell. Their faith of the Hellbenders is tested when one of the foulest demons possess one of their own and threatens the existence of both Brooklyn and the world.

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