‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ delayed until 2016




Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales, was originally scheduled for a release date of July 10th 2015. Disney have now confirmed that the film has been delayed, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer saying he is hopeful the film will be ready for the summer of 2016.

That is a huge delay, but in a statement to Deadline, Disney’s production president Sean Bailey said:

“Like audiences around the globe, we have high expectations for Jack Sparrow’s next adventure and we want to have all the right elements in place.

“We’re not there yet and we want to make sure this project is everything these wonderful characters and, of course, the fans deserve.”

Another reason for the shift in release date was that Jeff Nathanson’s screenplay was “was too expensive but it was also really complicated and hard to follow.”

Bruckheimer echoed the script issues, saying “We have an outline everyone loves but the script is not done,”

This move will allow star Johnny Depp more flexibility to star in Alice in Wonderland 2 or Into the Woods. The release date delay comes a day after Disney announced that Ant-Man was moving from November 15th to July 31st 2015. It now looks as if Ant-Man will be taking Disney’s big summer 2015 slot, so they and Marvel have clearly got huge expectations for the Edgar Wright directed superhero film.


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