The Descent & Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall to rewrite and direct Norwegian film Troll Hunter remake


The Descent filmmaker Neil Marshall has signed up to rewrite and direct the remake of the 2010 Norwegian film Troll Hunter.

The original was directed by Andre Ovredal,and was filmed is a mockumentary on a handheld camera by three student filmmakers who head off into the beautiful Norwegian countryside to investigate bear hunting. They’re made aware of a mysterious hunter illegally killing bears and decide to follow him, only what they discover is much worse than bear hunting, this guy works for the Government and secretly hunts trolls! Eventually he allows the students to tag along and film him as he hunts these mountain beasts, each one stranger, and bigger than the last!

According to Deadline, production will be underway in early 2014 and I’m sure they’ll be making the most of the snowy season wherever they decide to film.

Marshall’s last role as director for a feature film was 2010s Centurion and received high praise for directing the “Blackwater” episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. He is currently in Ireland directing the biggest episode of Game of Thrones season four, and when complete, will be starting work on the Troll Hunter remake immediately.

Producers are apparently aiming high in casting the lead for the $25 million film, and are looking for a male actor not normally associated with the genre.

Troll Hunter

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