‘Warcraft’ movie adaptation casting up with Colin Farrell and Paula Patton?

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The movie adaptation of the massively popular World of Warcraft games has been around for years, with director Sam Raimi once attached to the project.

Back in January this year, Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones signed on to the film, but things have gone very quiet since, until now…

Deadline is reporting that Colin Farrell and Paula Patton are in discussions to appear in the film, which is being produced by Legendary. Both Farrell and Patton are looking to play lead roles in the film, but while Patton is looking like a sure fire bet, Farrell is supposedly 50/50 due to a number of other projects on his radar.

Production on the adaptation is scheduled to begin in January. Charles Leavitt wrote the script.

Deadline says: The role-playing game takes place in a medieval-like setting where players control avatars that take on gryphons, dragons, zombies, werewolves and elves. Time travel and alien worlds also are part of the mix. The project is one of Legendary’s biggest and was supposed to be made at Warner Bros.

It is thought the film might end up with Universal as well.

Patton is the lead in the upcoming Fox Searchlight film Baggage Claim and is coming off the hits 2 Guns and Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. Farrell stars with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Disney’s upcoming Oscar-season film Saving Mr. Banks and then the Akiva Goldsman-directed adaptation of the Marc Helprin novel Winter’s Tale.

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