British actress Tuppence Middleton joins David Bruckner’s horror thriller ‘Intrusion’




David Bruckner is best known to horror fans for his superb entry into the first VHS anthology, the creepy ‘Amateur Night’ (“I like you”), and he also directed the excellent low budget horror, The Signal.

Bruckner now returns with a new horror thriller called Intrusion, and British actress Tuppence Middleton (Trance, Tormented, Chatroom) has signed on to play the female lead. Middleton will play single photographer Lila Harper, a victim who becomes the target of organised stalkers who begin to invade her home, and everyday life.

Bruckner has been set by David Linde’s Lava Bear to direct Intrusion, a dark horror thriller written by L.D Goffigan (Hunger). Lava Bear will produce along with Doug Davison, Tariq Jalil and Lucas Carter.


A young woman’s life begins to unravel shortly after moving to San Francisco, when she realizes she’s being pursued by a disturbed stalker. As the assaults and creepy incidents escalate she realizes that she has become the target of something far more sinister and horrifying.

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