First UK trailer released for horror Nothing Left to Fear


The first UK trailer from Slash produced horror, Nothing Left To Fear has been released. Check it out below.

The film is directed by Anthony Leonardi III, produced by Slash, and written by Jonathan W.C. Mills. The cast includes Anne Heche, Clancy Brown, James Tupper, Ethan Peck, Rebekah Brandes, Carter Cabassa, Wayne Pere and Jennifer Stone.

You can keep up to date with the film on the official Facebook page.

The film is now available in the US on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray, and will be released in the UK in February 2014.


When opportunity knocks, a young down-on-their-luck family packs up their home and moves halfway across the country to re-root themselves into an idyllic little town filled with hopes of a better life. What awaits them however is a tale of betrayal and evil beyond any of their worst nightmares.

Anchored around the complicated, nuanced relationship of the two teenage sisters, NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR takes sibling rivalry to a chilling new dimension of bloodlust and fear. Each of the sisters play a dangerous and frightening part of an ancient ritual that unleashes a demonic fury that will change the family forever.

Based on Legend: Stemming from folklore surrounding the actual town of Stull, Kansas, generations of residents and outsiders alike have proclaimed Stull to be one of the seven known gateways to Hell, where once a year, the Devil will rise from the town’s modest graveyard to walk the Earth. For decades, television, music, movies, and more have cautiously addressed the town; its horror is so infamous, even Pope John Paul II refused to fly over its grounds. NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR finally pulls the folklore to the forefront and reveals the unsettling fact and fiction rumbling beneath the surface.

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