Game of Thrones gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment, with hilarious results!




For those of you who don’t know, Bad Lip Reading is an Internet collection of comedic geniuses who recreate well known films and TV shows, by using Bad Lip Reading to tell an altogether different, and funnier tale. They dub over the voices of the real actors with what could be interpreted if you were reading their lips, or simply dub over something utterly hilarious which matches the lip movements of the real actors.

Whichever way you cut it, the results are usually hilarious, and the latest parody is no exception.

They have targeted Game of Thrones, and instead of all the seriousness of battling for realms and power and all the rest of that manly stuff, here Lord Stark is trying to get his employees of his theme park working properly, but naturally they are not playing ball. The theme park, by the way, is called Medieval Land Fun-Time World.

Even the names have hilariously been changed, like Joffrey becomes Jojo, Cersei becomes Susie and Daenerys becomes Denise.

If you find the beginning a little too silly, trust me and stick with it, for it very quickly becomes absolutely side-splittingly laugh out loud hilarious!

Here is how the Youtube page describes it, and be sure to follow Bad Lip Reading on Facebook.




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