Halloween fun: Check out this awesome [Rec] theme park terror-walk




The stunning found footage series, [Rec], originates from Spain, and to celebrate the success of one of the biggest horror franchises of recent years, a cool terror-walk has been set up at Port Aventura Polynesia.

Lasting fifteen minutes, the awesome walk-through uses five key scenes from the franchise, created by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. A video showing what can happen on the walk-through has been released, and even though it is in Spanish, you get the idea. A description has been released in English on the PortVentura Polynesia website:

Don’t miss out on this year’s Halloween and one of its major new attractions: the REC Terror Walk; the longest enclosed walk of its kind in Europe, thanks to Filmax. Live through a unique experience and the most terrifying moments from the famous REC series of horror films in this new terror walk, exclusive to PortAventura. Be daring and courageous to survive the REC experience. A 15-minute walk where characters emerge from the darkness to provoke real fear in 5 scenes from the different films in Filmax’s famous saga.

Effects so spectacular that you will not want to enter. Moments of real panic that can only be experienced in this unique walk. Disorientating laser effects and large cinema screens will transport you to the most terrifying moments of REC 1, REC 2 and REC 3. You will be pursued by monsters and the 15 minutes of this walk will seem like a real nightmare from which you cannot awake.


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