Halloween Treat: Check out this awesome short film ‘Children of the Witch’




If your idea of a good time at Halloween involves violence, gore, seriously sexy girls not wearing much, satanic rituals, freaky masks and lots of screaming, then you are in for a right treat here!

A new horror short, Children of the Witch, is available to watch here. Running at just over twenty minutes, and in four parts, this is really cool stuff. The short film came with the below press release explaining a bit more about it.

The Press Release:

New York City-based genre production company Sideshow Pictures has announced its third annual Halloween short film, Children of the Witch. The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and produced by Frank Mosca.

The film will be released exclusively at CPXStudio, a subsidiary of global digital media company CPXi. Sideshow has partnered alongside CPXStudio with the goal of creating a horror network for fans to enjoy new and original content.

In Children of the Witch, Ashley and her friends have planned for a spooky night in… but are besieged by the undead offspring of a vengeful witch, carrying out a 100-year-old curse. The question of whether the sins of our ancestors come back to haunt us becomes the crux of this sexually-charged short, brimming with dark atmosphere, plenty of blood, and tons of scares.

“My goal with Children of the Witch was to create a short film that screamed Halloween,” says writer/director Sabatella. “The imagery embodies all that is the spookiest time of year – with lots of fun, creeps, chills, and gore!”

Children of the Witch stars Kiva West, Samantha Hahn, Amandine Thomas, and Rana Roy. The director of photography is Stephen Franciosa, Jr., with special effects created by Emmy nominee Jeremy Selenfriend (“Boardwalk Empire”).

Fans can watch Children of the Witch for free at the Sideshow Theater website with limited commercial interruptions or download the unedited, ad-free version of the film for $1.99.



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