Is Tim Burton adjusting his schedule to direct ‘Beetlejuice’ sequel?




The sequel to Beeltejuice has been building for years, and the last we heard was that Seth Grahame-Smith’s script was complete. That was back in March, and since then things have been pretty quiet.

Before writing the script, Grahame-Smith said about director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton returning:

“They both said the same thing – ‘If you come up with a story that is worthy of us actually doing this for real, something that is not just about cashing in, is not just about forcing a remake or reboot down someone’s throat then we’ll think about. When Warners started talking about it, I said, ‘There are two things, one it cannot be a remake or a reboot. It has to be a straight pure sequel’. The second thing I said was, No Michael Keaton, no dice’.”

Well, Keaton said back in 2010 “Oh, I’d do that in a heartbeat… Absolutely.  That’s the one thing I’d love to do again.”  In 2010 he wasn’t half as busy as he is right now, but given the chance, Keaton would love to return as the bio-exorcist, and it turns out that Burton just might be ready to return also.

Schmoes Know are reporting that a reliable source that “are a high ranking studio executive that knows what is going on behind the scenes of everything in Hollywood. You know, serious stuff”, has confirmed that Burton is looking to return to direct Beetlejuice 2.

Initially it was thought that Burton’s next movie would be the adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. However, now that he has completed Big Eyes, the report says that Burton is more than happy with Grahame-Smith’s script for a Beetlejuice sequel, and that he is willing to shuffle his schedule to make Beetlejuice 2.

Take with a massive pinch of salt, but the report claims that Burton has been able to adjust his schedule, and will now be able to direct both Miss Peregrine and Beetlejuice 2.

However, there has been no official confirmation, so while this is extremely exciting news, it is probably best to wait for an official announcement.

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