For me the coolest zombie music is this:


The man responsible for this piece is coming to England to give a concert of his music for director Lucio Fulci on October the 31st Union Chapel, Islington, which is, of course, Halloween night! Fulci, who ranks up there with Dario Argento and Mario Bava as Italy’s finest horror filmmaker [the three together forming the Holy Trinity of Italian horror], made films in a variety of genres before realising horror was his forte and gaining international fame and notoriety for gruesome, yet brilliantly atmospheric and almost surreal classics like Zombie and The Beyond. Composing the music for nine of Fulci’s films, mostly around his Golden Period when he was at a peak as a filmmaker, was Frizzi, in the process becoming as identifiable as The Sound of Italian horror as much as Goblin and Ennio Morricone, the music for these movies being yet another reason people like me fell in love with them at an impressionable age. Lots of artists have sampled and been influenced by his work and Quentin Tarantino used a track from Seven Notes In Black in Kill Bill, though for some reason he decided to have someone inanely shouting over it!

In some ways anticipating the recent vogue for synth-heavy ambient, repetitive, ostinato-based music in cinema, though with much more character then much of what you hear now, Frizzi’s work exemplified what made a lot of Italian horror film music great: perfect for the films in question, almost sticking out of the films but in the best way, and damn fine listens in their own right. The above track is a perfect example: catchy, atmospheric but also  just good fun, not in a bad way but in a good way, reinforcing the impression that, while what we are watching may be bloody and scary, it’s not to be taken too seriously, something reinforced by the electronic sounds that sound like zombie gut chompings in some cues! Saying that, Frizzi’s eerie chorale work on The Beyond is as dead serious as they come, while longue-style cues on The Naples Connection are so groovy you just want to dance.

Backed up by a seven piece band and a strong section, Frizzi is making his debut UK performance for this concert. Death Waltz Recording Company and Paint It Black will present Fabio Frizzi live for his first ever UK show. Frizzi will be presenting his works in newly commissioned suites. He says: “It’s like an old dream come true… playing a magical location such as the Union Chapel on such a symbolic date – Halloween! And my themes, which have been resting in the microgrooves of vinyl for so long, will be coming back to life, just like the characters in so many Lucio Fulci movies. I’m looking forward to it very much“.

Death Waltz Recording Company and Paint It Black present Fabio Frizzi live in concert October 31st
Union Chapel
Buy tickets here:


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