Joely Richardson join’s Arnie’s zombie horror, Maggie

Vampire Academy

It’s been announced that Joely Richardson (Event Horizon, “Nip/Tuck”, Vampire Academy) will be joining Arnold Schwarzenegger in zombie horror, Maggie. She will play Schwarzenegger’s wife and mother to Abigail Breslin’s titular teenage girl character.

The film is directed by Henry Hobson and is currently beginning production in New Orleans. Amy Brassette, Aiden Flowers, and Rachel Whitman Groves also star.

Maggie see’s Schwarzenegger and Richardson desperately trying to save their daughter after she is bitten by a zombie and is beginning to turn.

Arnie is set to produce and the script is based on a Black List script written by John Scott 3.

Silver Reel and Lotus Entertainment have partnered with Silverlining Media Group and Gold Star films to produce and finance “Maggie.” Schwarzenegger will also produce with Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Matt Baer, Trevor Kaufman, Colin Bates and Joey Tufaro.

Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, Ara Keshishian, Hubert Gibbs, Claudia Bluemhuber and John Scott 3 are executive producing.

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