MGM planning animated movie adaptation of ‘The Addams Family’




MGM is planning to take the Addams Family back to their roots, and bring a new animated movie to the big screen. The family began life as cartoons, before a live action TV series ran from 1964-66, which was hugely successful. Then came the movies, the first of which was hugely popular. However, the sequel Addams Family Values bombed at the cinema, and the third film, Addams Family Reunion, didn’t even make it to the cinema!

Tim Burton had an idea of rebooting the ghoulish family as stop-motion animation a few years back with  Chris Meledandri’s Illumination (now that would have been cool), but that project has since been ditched.

So now MGM have announced plans for a new animated reboot of the Addams Family, and plan to bring the film to cinemas. According to Variety, Pamela Pettler, whose credits include Corpse Bride and Monster House, will handle screenwriting duties for MGM’s new adaptation.

MGM is in final negotiations with BermanBraun’s Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun to produce an animated film based on the comedically macabre clan, based on the cartoons created by Charles Addams.


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