New images released for Kevin MacDonalds submarine thriller Black Sea, starring Jude Law


Some new images have been released for Kevin MacDonald’s new submarine thriller, Black Sea.

Starring Jude Law, the film focuses on a rogue captain (Law) who embarks on a treasure hunt. However, greed gets the better of his misfit crew, and results in the men fighting for their survival aboard the claustrophobic submarine! Law apparently went through a few physical changes to portray the down-on-his-luck blue collar captain by putting on a few pounds, shaving his head and going for the rough and ready look by growing out his stubble! Check out the images below.

The film also stars Scott McNairy (Argo, Monsters, Killing Them Softly) Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly), Jodie Whittaker, Karl Davies, and Daniel Ryan.

Black Sea is due for release in cinemas in 2014.

(Source: EW)

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