No One Lives director in production on new horror film ‘Dead Water’




No One Lives and Midnight Meat Train director Ryuhei Kitamura is in production on another English language horror film called Dead Water.

The news comes out of the upcoming AFM film festival, and a very small poster has been released for the film (below). Along with the poster comes the exciting plot synopsis.


Dead Water follows a heroine and a few scientists who become sealed inside an Eco Station, a self-sufficient environment deep in the desert. The survivors in the Station know the deadly truth. They know that when the end finally came, it wasn’t what anyone expected.

It wasn’t a virus that killed the planet. It wasn’t a curse from Hell. It was the water…

A chemical process, triggered somewhere in the world, got out of control and changed the molecular composition of H2O as we know it. Suddenly drinking it, bathing in it, even touching water would change a human into…

Something else.
Something unimaginable.
Something deadly…



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