‘Pacific Rim 2’ still not confirmed, but Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham are writing it regardless




In the run up to the release of Guillermo del Toro’s monsters vs giant robots epic, Pacific Rim, reports were suggesting that the film would struggle to make any money back for Warner Brothers and Legendary. The film ended its US theatrical run with a not so great haul of just over $100 million, however, around the world (especially China and Japan) the film performed much better. Pacific Rim ended its worldwide run with a massive $407 million, making it the tenth highest grossing film of the year.

Made on a budget of just over $200 million, and added to that marketing costs, Pacific Rim did manage to break even, yet plans for a sequel are still yet to be greenlit. Clearly Pacific Rim was a risk, a huge film with a massive budget, and being an original film too, both Warners and Legendary must have breathed a huge sigh of relief when the film performed so well. Naturally, with the story now in cinemagoers minds, a sequel is almost guaranteed to out-perform the first film.

Greenlit or not, del Toro and Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham are writing the sequel.

No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active,” del Toro told IGN this week. “The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate. To me, what was beautiful and flattering was how people saw the movie not once or twice but three, four times or more. People that love it, love it with great passion. So I would love to continue telling stories about that world.”

With Pacific Rim due on DVD and Blu-ray shortly (November 11th here in the UK), sales are expected to be huge, and maybe this will be the push the film needs to have its sequel given the greenlight.

Del Toro also spoke of his long in the works projects of Frankenstein and Pinocchio:

You know, I hope [Frankenstein] does, in the right way and the right moment,” he said. “Every time I get with Universal, we talk about doing it, and then for whatever reason something else takes over. Right now, I’m busy for the next two years, between finishing ‘The Strain’ and doing ‘Crimson Peak.’ So it just happens like that. Your life leapfrogs a couple of years, if not more, when you’re a filmmaker. When you’re a filmmaker that generates his own projects, for sure.”

Continuing on about Pinocchio, he said  “We have a large part of the financing in place. One of the partners we had simply stopped making films. We are looking for a new partner, and hopefully it will happen. It’s always serendipity, which project happens and which one doesn’t.”

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