Ridley Scott confirms what we already knew, ‘Prometheus 2’ is being written right now




Well here is a bit on non-news to kick start the week: Ridley Scott has confirmed something we have all known for a while now, Prometheus 2 is being written right now!

In a press conference for his new film The Counselor, Scott was asked about a film which I am sure he knew would come up in conversation, a question regarding Prometheus 2, and where it is right now. Scott answered calmly, “it is being written right now”.

It was back in June that a new writer was announced for Prometheus 2, and that was Jack Paglen (Transcendence), and since then the script has been being developed. We also knew earlier this year that Damon Lindelof would not be returning to pen the sequel, but stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace were expected to return.

Fox got into a bit of a panic when Lindelof left, and Prometheus 2 has been in a sort of development hell for months, but as we knew a while ago, the script is moving forward, and Fox have even said they want the sequel in cinemas no later than 2015. This poses some issues for Scott to return as director, and it is thought he will only be involved a producer this time round. That could change, but for now Scott is moving ahead with his Moses epic, Exodus, which is expected to be a massive shoot. If Fox want Prometheus 2 in cinemas by 2015, it is unlikely that Scott will have the time to direct.

The video below captures some of the press conference for The Counselor, and that Prometheus question comes right at the end.



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