Sam Raimi confirmed to direct ‘Army of Darkness 2’?




In answer to the above headline, no Sam Raimi has not been confirmed to direct Army of Darkness 2. However, Evil Dead reboot director Fede Alvarez has dropped a bombshell which has sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy!

Over the weekend a fan asked Alvarez if he would be directing Army of Darkness 2, and Alvarez responded saying that Sam Raimi will. Now, while we all know that Alvarez is intending to direct the sequel to his superb Evil Dead reboot, Raimi’s involvement with Army of Darkness 2 has been somewhat secretive.

We know he has given in to fan pressure to possibly make another Evil Dead film, and we know that should it happen then it will indeed be Army of Darkness 2. We also know that plans have been announced to bring both Raimi’s Evil Dead films, and Alvarez’ soon to be two Evil Dead films, together with a third film (which would be the fifth in Raimi’s series, and the third in Alvarez’). While these ideas have been talked about at length, and even Bruce Campbell has sort of confirmed Army of Darkness 2, there is yet to be an official announcement.

It was said back in March that both Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan were planning on writing Army of Darkness 2, but it has not officially been announced that Sam will be directing. However, and take this with a huge pinch of salt, Alvarez claims that Raimi IS directing. Here is the Tweet that has got everybody talking:



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