Second trailer arrives for William Brent Bell’s latest found footage werewolf horror, Wer


The second trailer has arrived for William Brent Bell’s latest found footage horror, Wer, which delves into the werewolf legend. Check it out below.

William Brent Bell both writes and directs, and he re-teams with his The Devil Inside writer Matthew Peterman, who also wrote Wer. Peterman is also producing the film, along with Steven Schneider, producer of The Devil Inside, The Tall Man and the Paranormal Activity films. Morris Paulsonis also producing through his production company Prototype. Robert Hall and his newly re-branded Almost Human Inc. is tackling the makeup and visual effects for WER.

The cast includes A.J. Cook, Simon Quarterman, Sebastian Roche, Vik Sahay, Stephanie Lemelin, Angelina Armani and Brian Johnson.

The found footage flick will take place in a police station in Transylvania where a murder suspect is being held. One night all Hell breaks loose as the suspect turns into a Werewolf!


Following the brutal slaying of an American family vacationing in rural France, a peculiar man living near the crime scene is blindly charged with their murders. Believing her client is innocent, expatriate American defense attorney Kate Moore and her team decide to take a scientific approach in order to prove his physical incapability to local authorities. As she delves into his enigmatic family history, she uncovers evidence that suggests the rebirth of an unexpected legend. When a bloodbath ensues, Kate must do whatever she can to survive the surrounding terror and prevent the chaos from spreading.



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