Second trailer for horror comedy ‘Zombie Shark’ will eat you up!




Earlier this year what can only be described as a fund raising proof of concept trailer arrived for Zombie Shark, a Argentinian horror comedy otherwise known as Tiburon Zombie. I have included that early trailer here, for it features a seriously hot girl sunbathing, before being hilariously attacked by a zombie shark.

A second trailer has now arrived, and again features a zombie shark attacking not one, but two hot girls trapped in a room. While it all looks cheap, tacky B-movie stuff, it looks like a whole lot of fun that’s for sure!

Here are the details of the film, courtesy of Twitch:

What happens if a zombie bites a shark? A NASTY ROTTEN KILLING MACHINE is born, combining the destructive strength of a shark with the brainless voracity of a zombie. And who can attack outside the sea. “Zombie Shark: the attack of the zombie shark” is about that. A post apocalyptic world where zombies and humans are chased by this bloodroot beast come from the ocean.

Zombie Shark is an Argentinean independent film that releases his second trailer, where we can see zombies, beautiful ladies, big breasted beautiful ladies, blood, amputated limbs and of course, a non-living shark eating the hell out of them.









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