Todd E. Freeman Completes Short Film M IS FOR MARRIAGE for ABC’s of Death 2 Film Competition


Polluted Pictures (Cell Count) and Lyon Films (The Tell) have announced that their new short film M is for Marriage is now available for viewing on the ABC’s of Death 2 film competition page. This competition will select the 26th director and film for the upcoming horror film ABC’s of Death 2.

M is for Marriage is a peek into the world of their next feature film ‘Love Sick.’ Writer and director Todd E. Freeman says: “that being said, it never would have been made unless the competition to find the 26th director for ABC’s of Death 2 had been announced at the exact time it was. ‘Love Sick’ is a very personal project that is based in a very real time in my life when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be with the woman that I loved until the day I died. On one hand this is very much an examination of love and the physical/emotional pain that comes from it. On the other bigger hand… well… it’s a badass gore filled monster movie!”

“M is for Marriage” is about Dr. Christian, who has been a therapist for 15 years, and he is the foremost expert in the controversial field of Bio-Medical Psychotherapy. His most recent case involves a husband and wife who are looking for either closure or a path back toward healing. Their stress has hit a critical stage and must be confronted in what Dr. Christian calls a Bio-Transference session. This 3 minute peek will show that session.

M is for Marriage stars actress Natalie Victoria (Deadheads) and Jeffree Newman.

This competition decides the top 12 films in two ways: six will be chosen by Public Vote and the other six will be selected via a panel of genre aficionados made up of ABCs Of Death producers: Tim League and Ant Timpson, Associate Producer Ted Geoghegan, Horror-Movie-A-Day Founder and Badass Digest contributor Brian Collins, Entertainment Weekly Senior Editor Clark Collis, author Grady Hendrix, and Fangoria Managing Editor Michael Gingold. These lucky finalists will then go on to the final judging round, where the sequel”s 25 other directors – esteemed names such as Alex De La Iglesia, Bill Plympton, Vincenzo Natali, The Twisted Twins, and Julien Maury andAlexandre Bustillo – will select the final winner to be included in ABCs of Death 2.

The film includes Portuguese and Spanish subtitles for the genre fans in Latin America.

Watch and vote for the short film at:

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