TV: Dylan McDermott hints he may appear in American Horror Story: Coven


Dylan McDermott has hinted that he may be making an appearance in the now showing American Horror Story: “Coven”.

McDermott, who starred in FX’s debut season of American Horror Story and appeared in the second season “Asylum”, said this: “I start a movie called Survivor in January, with Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson and Angela Bassett,” explained McDermott in an interview with TVLine and when they asked about him returning to “AHS”, “but Ryan [Murphy] wants me to come back, and I want to come back.

So we just have to figure out the scheduling,” he added. “To me, [doing ‘American Horror Story’] is always like going home.”

If he does appear in the current season, it’ll be interesting to see what part he plays! I’m sure it’ll be awesome, particularly after what they did with him in Asylum!

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