Win SPIDERS 3D on Blu-Ray in Our Monstrous Competition!


To celebrate creature feature SPIDERS 3D crawling its way to DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D on 14th October 2013 in the UK, we’ve 2 copies to give away on Blu-ray to our lucky readers, courtesy of Lionsgate UK.

Harkening back to the beloved creature features from the 50’s and the 60’s, SPIDERS 3D centers on mutant spiders created by pieces of material from a disabled Soviet space station that crash lands on Earth. With New York City threatened to be overrun by the gigantic killer spiders who have invaded the metropolitan subway system, it’s a race against time to stop the Queen Spider from uniting with her eggs before a deadly chain of events are triggered from the deadly reunion.

For your chance to win SPIDERS 3D on Blu-Ray, simply comment below telling us which creepy crawlie you dislike the most and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Wednesday 30th October 2013 and two valid comments will be chosen and the winner notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 2 winners will win 1x Spiders 3D on Blu-Ray
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. ANY and ALL Arachnids – Why the f… does anything need eight eyes and eight legs and live on my planet !
    They even have an Equity card from birth ! They are in Sooooooo Many Movies – Yuck

  2. i hate centipede’s, I found one on our sofa once right under our blanket and it freaked me out with all its legs just squirming around and they can get everywhere.

  3. wasps ……. irrational as l have only ever been stung once as a child but l can still remember it like yesterday

  4. I hate cockroaches, thank heavens we dont get them in england. I went on holiday to puerto rico and we were going in a lift and the lift door opened and one jumped/ flew at me. I went screaming down the corridor!, I found another in the laundry room in florida sitting on my daughters clean knickers! Yet another screaming episode, they are big red and disgusting! 🙁

  5. Spiders definitely because of the way they rise up before they run and also because they always seem to run towards you when you try to get them? I always see another one ten minutes later too because I am paying more attention!!

  6. Cockroaches because when you splat them they make a crunching noise which totally sickens me and also because, their eggs can be carried into peoples homes on the bottom of shoes. Needless to say, I never took my work shoes home!

  7. Has to be Mosquitos because of the noise they make especially when you are trying to get to sleep. In the summer I have been up out of bed in the night jumping around like a Morris Dancer or as if I was practising basket ball trying to catch them and it is so exhausting when all you want to do is sleep!

  8. Spiders! It’s all those legs on a tiny wee body. *shudder* Would be interesting to see how many nightmares I would have watching this movie. I do like to torture myself!

  9. spiders because of the way they move from being really slow then suddenly going really fast and i dont like the eyes they have either loads of eyes or the ones on sort of stalks.

  10. I can’t stand spiders and have to get someone else to deal with them!! I know my husband would enjoy this film (I’ll find something else to do) as we have a new 3D TV but haven’t seen a 3D film on it as yet.

  11. Earwigs – ew! In your ears or in your shoes……………….. Gross! One was in my shoe when I was younger and I put my shoe on – HOrendous – I wretched and wretched!

  12. wasps! cant trust them for a second and wont stay settled in a room if there`s one there! glad you let me show my manly prowess on here lol cheers chaps! 😉

  13. Spiders because they move so fast and the way they scurry along with those legs! And Daddy Long Legs, even though my brain knows they are actually flies, my eyes see massive flying spiders which have me screaming and running around the room to get away from them!

  14. I used to be severely arachnophobic, but, since having kids, I’ve tried to act as if they don’t bother me, in the hope that my children won’t fear them. Acting like that, has actually cured me to a certain extent. Wasps, on the other hand…………ugh!!

  15. Cockroaches! Hate them (don’t even know if that’s spelt right). I had one in my bedroom in Florida on holiday. Horrible thing, we “rescued” it and then fed it to the large spider that lived on the patio. We knew the spider was there but he didn’t bother us! lol

  16. “Did you know that a single strand of spider web has more potential energy than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki? But because spiders do not naturally exist in areas of high fusion, there is little danger to the average person.

    Did you know that a spider egg contains as much DNA as four humans combined? That’s just one unborn spider, the entire egg sac outnumbers the population of India!

    Did you know that spiders cannot physically die of natural causes?
    If kept safe, a spider can continue to live and grow larger for a theoretically unlimited amount of time. In fact, in China there exists a collection of ‘holy’ spiders, hatched some 2,800 years ago during the height of the Mang-Tsun dynasty.”

  17. Spiders I’m afraid. Any other insect or flying creature is fine – I’m baffled by people’s fear of moths (they’re just grey butterflies!) – but if I see a spider scuttling across my floor it needs to be squished into oblivion or I won’t be getting any sleep 😮

  18. To be honest theres nothing creepy crawly wise i hate. Why hate something you are so much bigger than!!!! Im not so keen on maggots mainly due to what they represent, but they all serve a purpose. And really you pathetic women who scream at a spider…get a life

  19. EARWIGS. When I was young, we lived in an old house, regularly invaded by bugs. The hall was huge and we used to hang out there. I was lounging around with a couple of mates, one of whom was telling me about how earwigs were so called because they crawled in your ears while you were asleep and ate your brain. As if on cue, a load of earwigs started crawling under the front door! They still scare me when I see any. I’m 52!!

  20. When I was very small my Dad read me a Greek Mythology story of The Minotaur, The head of a bull and body of a man. I absolutely hated the page with him steering a boat. I still have nightmares at 43 years old – Minotaurs should be banned!

  21. I like most creepy crawlies but earwigs freak me out…they always seem to attach themselves to my washing outside & them drop off in an evil manner when I bring it in. And I always half worry that they actually do climb into ears!

  22. those horrible Daddy Long legs or is it crane flies? They dangle and brush you with their horrible tickly legs, and they rattle when they are on lightbulbs……I can feel my face getting a distasteful look as I write this. Yuk.

  23. Earwigs for me. When I was a kid and we went on caravan holidays, the beds would always have earwigs in them that needed to be cleared out. Still makes my skin crawl.

  24. Has to be wasps – My mum always told me to stay still and they woudn’t sting me. Well one day while driving the car a wasp flew in and right into my bra and stung me! ! I think passing motorists must have been wondering what I was up to with my hand down my chest trying to get the nastly little devil out.

  25. Spiders appear in lots of movies and horror books as we all loath and fear them. Especial when they suddenly appear without warning!

    Also walking into their cobwebs is horrible which is why they star in lots of horror movies to add atmosphere we can all relate to.

  26. It’s a cliche, but Spiders have to be it… as a baby, my parents delighted in scaring me with this colourful wind up walking crab that went sideways… as I don’t live near the seaside… my fears of that I think were transported into Spiders… lovely…

  27. i detest earwigs everything about them makes me cringe i remember some1 telling me that they crawl in your ears and i beleived it for years lol

  28. Moths, they seem innocent, but they are every where, they appear in the lounge late at night in the dark watching a horror film and a hint of flapping and the shadow on the wall. Just creepy!

  29. I hate spiders as I once found a tarantula in my old flat. It belonged to a man upstairs who had loads of the things all over his flat. the police RSPCA and landlord were all involved. I didn’t sleep properly for a long time after that.

  30. Spiders….one chunky brute fell right on my face whilst I was laying facing the ceiling. I thought it was a feather and went to brush it away and it scuttled up my nose 🙁

  31. Wasps, because they will sting you just because they are in the grumps, you don’t even have to do anything to annoy them, they will attack just because they can.

  32. I don’t mind creepy crawlers.
    However, I was just reading in the papers about spiders biting folks, and body parts swelling up like balloons!
    Apparently, for some reason, the spiders are getting more ‘bitey’.
    It makes me wonder if they are on bath salts or something?
    Anyhow, if I win this movie comp, I’ll probably be feeling very itching .. like something hairy & potentionally bitey is crawling up my leg …..

  33. I don’t like earwigs or wasps. Especially wasps don’t know if they count as creepy crawlies. I don’t mind spiders they are our friends in this house because they kill all the flies and midges.

  34. Wasps. Absolutely pointless and annoying creatures, If you watch a wasps fly, it flies like a missile and can be as deadly.

  35. Cockroaches, never liked them and then I found out when we were in Palm Springs they can fly…as a whole load flew out of a hedge we were walking by…yucks

  36. SPIDERS! I mean…8 hairy legs, big fat bodies, trapping other insects in a sticky web to be able to eat them…it’s the stuff of horror films! Even worse, I’m not allowed to kill them as they rid the house of other insects!

    Who knows, maybe winning this prize can help me get over my phobia…or not!

  37. Flys – They just never know when to leave you alone, no matter how much you brush them away, they come back for more. If human they would be the annoying friend that you can’t get rid of.

  38. Cockroaches. One of my earliest memories is of my mother unwrapping me from a blanket and there being a cockroach on my leg ugh!

  39. Has to be Spiders when they have big bodies….one bit my finger once!! Not keen on wasps, maybugs (which look like cockroaches), cockroaches ewww.

  40. Earwigs (they eat your brain – or at least that’s what we were told as kids) and Cockroaches (nothing that could survive a nuclear explosion can be trusted (and that goes for Keith Richards too)).

  41. Spiders I really really hate them – so much so that I wish they would become extinct – they frighten the hell out of me especially big ones of course!!

  42. spiders! i get really freaked when i find one in the bedroom as i think about it crawling over my face while i slept and makes me FREAK OUT 🙄

  43. Spiders! Who does lilke them, really!! There was one in my shoe once and I didnt realize until I put my shoe on, Boy did I scrream. I do love money spiders though, if there is one on me, I will do everything I can to make it stay.

  44. Wasps, they’re evil, stinging for the sake of stinging, and I fail to see the point in them, at least bees have a really important purpose and will only sting when threatened.

  45. I absolutely hate Daddy Long Legs / Crane Flies! I can’t even be in the same room as them, I tend to run out screaming like a 4 year old! I hate they way they fly around, making that clicking clicking sound….uurrgghh!

  46. Centipedes! And cockroaches. And ticks. And centipedes – oh, already said that. Cockroaches you can’t kill unless you jump on them, ticks lay egg sacs which burst and loads of baby ticks come out and centipedes just have too many legs – and they’re always moving at least ten of them. Going for a shower now.

  47. Bed bugs! I hate them, they no where to be seen until you switch off the lights, then sneak up on you and have a nibble!

  48. I hate moths they just flap and flap and you and come at your face and flap some more its like they are physically drawn to your face. Yuchafi! Or daddy long legs…they sort of fly directly at your face or ears aaaah! Ok moths they are worst!

  49. My daughter hates spiders so this would be brilliant to give her on xmas day – OR to say we are gonna watch a film and then this comes on the screen (we have a massive screen) – oh to see her reatction would be worth soooo much lol

  50. Earwigs without a doubt, I remember as a child i picked up a tube to take home to my guinea pig, and they were all over me, about 20 minutes later i went home to tell my mum, and i felt a tickle under my top, .. when i took it off there was another 20 or so earwigs on me. Scarred me for life! –

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