‘World War Z’ sequel moving ahead without Marc Forster returning to direct




By now everyone probably knows the story behind the making of World War Z. The film went over budget, there were re-writes, re-shoots and massive fall outs, and even though the film went on to be both a box office and critical success, everyone involved was naturally hurt by the bad press surrounding production.

However, now that the film has come out and surprised everyone by how good it was, all those involved can breath a sigh of relief, and maybe try and forget the turmoil, and be proud of a job well done. We all now know that things are definitely moving forward with a sequel, and Brad Pitt will be producing with his Plan B production company, but at this stage there is no writer or director attached.

An indepth report by THR has confirmed what we were all probably expecting: Marc Forster will not be returning to direct the sequel. I think this is a real shame, because regardless of what went wrong, the finished product was superb, and even though Forster and Pitt are said to not be speaking since the film, I believe Forster would have learnt from the process and make an even better sequel.

However, it is not to be, and the only update so far was from Pitt, who said:

“We are talking about it … We are going to investigate a script. We have a lot of ideas we will cull from. Nobody is writing just yet, but we are compiling our ideas.”

World War Z arrives on DVD & Blu-ray here in the UK on 21st October. You can read my cinema review here

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