20th Century Fox announces release date shuffles for Fantastic Four, Assassins Creed, Independence Day 2 and more




Yesterday 20th Century Fox went a bit crazy on the old release dates shuffles, with many of their big releases of 2015 changing dates, some even moving back a year to 2016!

Firstly, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day 2 has been pushed back from July 1st 2015 to July 3rd 2016, which means the film will be released almost exactly twenty years after the original film. The sequel, which is yet to confirm Will Smith’s return, has a storyline which takes place twenty years after the events of the original film. Coincidence? Most probably.

Independence Day 2 will focus on the children of the original characters, and Emmerich has two scripts written: one for a film without Will Smith, and one for a film that see’s the actor return.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot has moved back slightly, from March 2015 to June 19th 2015. This now moves the highly anticipated reboot into the much more aggressive Summer blockbuster season. Clearly Fox are expecting big things from Fantastic Four, as they are releasing the film at the same time as Disney’s Inside Out, and a week before the mighty Jurassic World. The cast for Fantastic Four is still yet to be confirmed, but Michael B. Jordan has been rumoured for Johnny Storm, while Miles Teller has confirmed talks for Mr Fantastic.

The script has been written by Jeremy Slater, Seth Grahame-Smith, Zack Stenz and Ashley Miller, with Simon Kinberg re-writing the script recently. Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) is producing.

While on the subject of Matthew Vaughn, his new film The Secret Service has been shifted from late 2014 to March 6th 2015. This puts Vaugn’s film in the place left open by Fantastic Four’s move, and the reason for this is Vaughn wanted to avoid another rushed post-production process. The Secret Service is currently in production in London.

Assassin’s Creed, which will star Michael Fassbender, is not yet in production and a director has not been found. However, the release date for this film has changed from June 19th to August 7th. Playwright Michael Lesslie was tapped to pen the script last year.

The third collaboration between Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy, Susan Cooper,  will kick off the brutal summer movie season in 2015 on May 22nd.  The spy comedy, likened to a female James Bond, will open directly opposite director Brad Bird’s secretive Disney pic Tomorrowland.

Finally, the untitled Vince Vaughn comedy directed by Delivery Man helmer Ken Scott will open in theaters on October 24, 2014.  Dave Franco, Sienna Miller, Nick Frost, and James Marsden also star.

It is not known exactly what brought on these release date changes, but the fact Disney and Lucasfilm have announced that JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII will arrive on December 18th 2015 instead of during the Summer season, may have something to do with it.

Summer 2015 is looking to be one of the biggest summer seasons ever in the movie world. Fox have just announced that Fantastic Four, Assassin’s Creed and Susan Cooper will now join the mega summer season which also includes  The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, Inside Out, Ted 2, Terminator 5, Batman Vs. Superman and Ant-Man.

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