5 of the Best Makeovers in Film

In the film industry, we often see stars undergoing transformations to become the character in their roles. We’ve decided to check out the 5 of the Best Makeovers in the film business.


Robin Williams – Mrs Doubtfire
Mrs Doubtfire is one of those family movies that never gets old and one that people always remember. Robin Williams stars as a father who’s bitterly divorced from his wife, who has the custody of their children he so dearly wants to see. Dressing up as a woman complete with a latex mask, he transforms in to Mrs Doubtfire, a little Scottish old lady who’s looking to be the family’s new nanny/housekeeper. Luckily, his plan works as he is hired, but as time goes on, trying to maintain the cherade proves more and more difficult.


Rob Lowe – Behind the Candelabra
One of this years most talked about makeovers is that of Rob Lowe as Lee’s plastic surgeon Dr Startz in Liberace biopic, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA. The makeup team set to work to turn Rob into a creation of his own occupation with hilarious results.


Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice
Michael Keaton received a proper makeover to turn him into the titular bio-exorcist in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. The grotesque creature tries to slimily charm his way into any situation and becomes unruly for poor deceased couple Adam and Barbara Maitland, who just want to spook the new owners out of their former home. An iconic character.


Kayden Rose – Thanatomorphose
Having recently seen Thanatomorphose, I was impressed with how the make-up team had transformed the young female lead into a rotting, decaying walking corpse. Throughout the film, the state of her decay worsens until the climatic ending. The makeup team deserve a huge pat on the back for their efforts in this film.


Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady
Not many people would opt to be transformed into the former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, but actress Meryl Streep did just that for her role as the formidable politician in The Iron Lady. We must say the resemblance is uncanny!

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